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Full Version: Rare Heaven Tonight LP
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Hi all, I bought this album years back and had never heard of them. The front has the long haired and the back shorter hair. Ok, so I listen to side 1 - Awesome! but wait side 2 sounds like Chicago its def. not cheap trick. Strange I don't believe the were on the same label back then. Anyone know how to verify this or heard of it? A few weeks back I took it over to the band I'm playing with and they also said it sounded like chicago with all the horns, but were not sure on the titles of any.
Listen to some of the lyrics on side two and google a verse or two and that should tell you. Chicago (the Kath era) was on Columbia.
Thanks I will try that once I get my stereo hooked back up, and will let you know.
probably a pressing error. I hate when that happens. Happened to me a few times.
Went to 4 stores, and no one had it, Aerosmith Live Bootleg 2 album set late 70's had the right labels on the discs, but Herbie Hancock live was the music. Had to wait til the following Tuesday for "possible" replacement, if a copy came in. It did but the wait seemed like months.
A friend bought ACDC Back In Black CD to replace his vinyl, and it was a Dream Theater CD in the case. Human error, or some manufacturing / assembly issue. Let's say he don't like Dream Theater and when he went back, the other 4 copies were the same.

Then, OK, another situation, but there was the release of Dream Police getting bumped, because Budokan "Import" did well, and then became a domestic release. The funny thing was my friend and I "invented" 5 possible chorus for Dream Police. Actually more, because we sang Cheap Trick tunes adding Dream Police to the chorus, too. The closest being O Candy. And my friend came close on one of the guitar riffs, the one before "inside your brain".