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Full Version: Bun E's Basement Bootlegs
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Hey everybody!

Haven't posted in a while here. I've decided to sell my set of Bun E's Basement Bootlegs (1-4 + 2 Bonus Discs)

I figured I'd offer them here before I put them on eBay.

If interested, I'll take offers at

(Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but just wanted to get the word out there)
Getting a lot of interest on these, but still available!

Answering some questions:

They are mint, all 6 are signed, and I'm looking for $300
Just to give this a bump, does anyone have a detailed list of the sources used for Bun's Boots?

Obviously these came with hardly any packaging and no info regarding sources and/or years.

Any help is greatly appreciated!