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Full Version: Best Cheap Trick Song – Readers’ Poll
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Interestingly, The Flame isn't (strictly speaking) a CT song.
I find the sentence below (from the reader's poll article) interesting. Oh how I wish I knew those dates!

"Actually, if you think about it, the band has never really been off the road for their 37-years-and-counting career. In fact, they’ve already got a bunch of dates set for 2012, and are talking about making yet another studio record."

tell us...tell us...tell us! Big Grin

what?! all their really good songs aren't in the list, so i voted for surrender.
4th time's a charm. (IWYTWM)
I voted for She's Tight! Nice picture of Rick with his pick face guitar.


GRH - but IWYTWM is miles ahead.
I don't see "Way Of The World" on there.... that would be my vote.
Dream Police for me, it was my first taste of the band and has always been my favourite. I also introduced a virus to The Flame’s section as I would hate seeing it come first.
This is from 2011 and it still let me vote, lol. Surrender is in the lead. It siad to pick my fav, then it said best song. I voted for Auffie, my fav.
ugh....way too hard to pick

this is like studying for a test!

It might be easier to pick fav song from each album....I will return
wow. Rick Nielsen song list though.

surrender, as i've said in another thread here, is the perfect song. and probably my favorite by the boys.

but there are so many more that should be on that list than what they actually put in there.

side note: iwytwm live is so much better than the studio version but still not really one of my faves...
Saw them July 24, 2015 Coralville, Iowa. It rocked. Surrender,my favorite song.
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