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Full Version: Heaven Tonight Album V Dream Police Album
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Two of the greatest albums ever released, both crammed with Cheap Trick classics. But if you had to choose between them, could you ?
And which, one track, just stands out above the rest for you ?
Stiff Competition Indeed!
Heaven Tonight wins. DP isn't solid enough track for track.
Way Of The World!!!!
Heaven Tonight gets my nod with Stiff Competition coming in as my top song.
Heaven Tonight...
hands down as it was a huge influence on me as a youngin'
Love them both but, "Heaven Tonight" gets the nod.

That album is the first Cheap Trick album I ever purchased and has a special place in my heart.
It's like picking between the Mona Lisa and American Gothic, apple crumb pie and cherry crumb pie, Carole Bouquet and Eva Green. It's all a matter of what you want at that moment. How can you lose?
Today I voted Voices. But that will change tomorrow.
After seeing them do this song live (a few times), I had to vote for The House Is Rockin'....That is one AMAZING tune!!!
I think Surrender is their best song and Auffie is my fav. HT gets my vote.