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Full Version: Pete Comita V Jon Brant
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Pete Comita joined Cheap Trick in 1980 replacing Tom Petersson. He played on the tracks "I'm The Man", "Born To Raise Hell", "Ohm Sweet Ohm", "Reach Out" and "I Must Be Dreamin'". He left after completing the 1980-81 "All Shook Up" World Tour.
He was replaced by Jon Brant in July 1981. Jon played on the albums "One On One", "Next Position Please", "Standing On The Edge" and "The Doctor" before himself being replaced by Tom Petersson.
Which one of these, in your opinion, was the better Bass Player ?
I thought Pete played great at the Chicagofest show. Pete really wasn't a bassist, he was a lead guitarist, while Jon's main instrument was bass. Can't say who was better, but I like the Comita era songs better than the Brant era, although there weren't that many. Reach Out is one of my favorites.
Pete could play crazy stuff but had ego problems.

Jon is a good technician, but the 12 String frightened him a little; he confessed he wasn't comfortable with this instrument.
Gitta give a thumbs up for Pete!

He was like Johnny Bravo and fit the part!
Gotta go with "both" , as they both played great stuff on songs I love.
( Not to say they are interchangable or not that they weren't great in their own stylings. )
(02-01-2012, 04:52 AM)imalondonctman Wrote: [ -> ]TOM !

Voted for Jon overall though Pete was terrific on the ASU tour.
I think Pete was better but, they said he partied too much. Jon was too unnoticeable.