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Full Version: Who Is The Best Blues Guitarist Of All Time ?
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So who, in your opinion is/was the greatest Blues guitarist of all time ?
Ry Cooder for me.
i love gary moore !! he was the only artist that i really loved that i never got to see live . now i have some clapton disc's , but he is so overhyped IMO . i respect him but he can't touch gary moore musically , groove wise , feel wise , so on ......
Never liked the term best in a discussion like this but my favorite is Buddy Guy.
No matter who you choose, you can't go wrong.
I have never really cared for many traditional blues guitarists. Very often they use the same "phrases" in their guitar playing. B.B. King in particular. Now some of the other blues based pop/rock guitarists...

I just got Joe Bonamassa's Black Rock album. What a treat. Really nice rock/blues guitar. I think I have three of his albums but this one is really good. Reminds me a bit of Cream phase Clapton and even some Eric Johnson. Throw out ALL your John Mayer and most of your Kenny Wayne Shepard and get some Joe Bonamassa.
I agree....they're all great in their own way. May have to give the nod to RJ though since he's really the considered the first true bluesman.

(09-03-2011, 07:02 AM)PEBA Wrote: [ -> ]No matter who you choose, you can't go wrong.

Some great bluesmen to chose from, my vote goes to Stevie Ray
Hubert Sumlin,
Howlin' Wolf's lead guitarist,
influenced all of those listed above,
except Robert Johnson of course.
For me, that would have to be the one and only Mr. B.B. King.
While all are great, I had to go with Robert Johnson, the father of modern guitarists.
Surprised Muddy Waters, Father of Chicago Blues is not on the list but, good list.