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Full Version: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
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What is your favourite song by the sensational Scottish rockers SAHB ?
Faith Healer,friggin awesome. Heart

There's no lights on the christmas tree mother, their burning big louie tonight. Marvellous.
Lots of great choices on the list but I went with Hot City Symphony Pt.2 - Man In The Jar as my favorite track.


Who murdered sex?
Gang bang,

In the absence of those, I voted Faith healer.
Alex could sound just as bad as well as good, and I must hold the record for most attempts to get back on the new board far out at least 40 times
Hmmm, in the absence of "Vambo", I too went with "Faith Healer". Though I could have gone with "Framed" or "Next" or any number of others. Great band.

(They persecute me right here in Leeds, England)