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Full Version: Best Blondie Studio Album
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Best known for her duet with Robin Zander on the "Rock & Rule" soundtrack, Deborah Harry also fronted the band "Blondie".
Which was your favourite Blondie studio album ?

"Thick man of Europe"

I voted for "Parallel lines" -although to be honest I do not know all of their albums-
Anyway always liked that record and also "Plastic Letters" ("Denise"- brilliant punk/pop number!)

They are really known for "Parallel Lines".
I voted for Eat To The Beat. I love that album. Die Young Stay Pretty is one of my favorite tracks from it, as well as the title track itself. I think its a really solid album overall.
//'s for sure.
Love Eat to the Beat. Doesn't get any better.
I voted for Plastic Letters.
I also love Eat To The Beat. Union City Blue and Shayla are two classic, must be played together, songs. Much like Journey Lovin Touchin Squeezin and City of the Angels or The Kings The Beat Goes on/Switchin To Glide. Great songs on their own, but better back to back.