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Full Version: The Best TV Western Series Ever. - ..the wild wild west..
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From "Alias Smith And Jones" to "Zorro" there have been literally hundreds of TV Westerns, but which was the best of all time?
Others include: "The Virginian", "Rawhide", "Kung Fu", "Shane", "F Troop", "McCloud", "Gunsmoke", "The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr.", "Wagon Train" and many, many more.
My vote goes to "The High Chaparral", which I always remember fondly.
Deadwood! But from my childhood, I fondly recall "The Big Valley". Big Grin
I really love "Firefly" - cowboys in space Smile
also, The Adventured of Brisco County, Jr.
and The Big Valley.
Either Alias Smith and Jones or F Troop.
OK, this is way before my time, but a couple of years ago, the Encore Western channel started showing day-long episodes of Cheyenne, a TV show from the 50's. Clint Walker is my favorite cowboy now.

But in the 90s, my favorite TV cowboy was Brisco County Jr. Still love Bruce Campbell. Smile
Oh. Maybe I should add that my favorite music video cowboy is Robin Zander in Ghost Town. Smile


Great idea for a poll. Smile
My heart wanted to say Bonanza but maybe I am just glowing over my childhood memories: I'd have to watch it again to make that determination.
Loved Kung Fu (off-screen that guy sure went to extremes to get off! If that's not an embarrassing way to die, what is?)
Had to vote for Little House, even though the stereotyping of the Olsen's was over the top trite and annoying. Some of those stories were very heartwarming. Smile
I went Other - my vote goes to Wild Wild West - although not a typical western like most of the others, was set in that timeframe and usually was out West - Robert Conrad was a bad-ass..........
The Wild, Wild, West. And a nod to my mom and aunt, who loved "Here Come the Brides."
A lotta faves. Had to go with "The Lone Ranger" , because I seem to remember watching that one first. But we watched a lot of westerns as kids, "Wild Wild West" ,"Maverick", "The Virginian","Bonaza","Gunsmoke", "High Chaparral","Alias Smith & Jones","Kung Fu" ,in repeats: "Roy Rogers" & "Hopalong Cassidy" ,and the more modern "Brisco County,Jr."

Fond memories!
Had to go with F Troop, followed by Bonanza.
Love those Cartrights, Have to say Bonanza! Even the theme song is catchy. Like some gunsmoke too, Festus!
Rollin' Rollin' Rollin', though my bladders swollen.... RAWHIDE!
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