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Full Version: Who's the boss in your house? - Think 'bout it and then, tell the truth!
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Big things, little things: where we go for dinner, who gets to choose the tv show or movie, (who has the remote?), what we have for snacks, bedtime and what time do we get up, where we go on vacation...the list seems endless! Someone is in it you?? SURE it is! LOL
The kittens have quickly realized that there are TWO of them and only ONE of me. They eat before I do.
But their job is to be affectionate and add to my happiness, and they do.
Who stole my pants, the wife wears my jeans the girls wear my tracky dacks and the boys my shorts and Im left to wear my undies well ok the ones the dogs dont like :down:
In my family of four, along with two dogs and a cat, the cat rules - she is and always will be the princess (or at least she thinks she is)!
The cat......if Pookie isn't happy, no one is happy and she will make certain of that!
Lady Luck Wrote:The kittens have quickly realized that there are TWO of them and only ONE of me. They eat before I do.
This made me laugh because it's totally like my house, only with the dog.

The humans in our house are always running somewhere or another so we never have any idea what we are having for dinner or if we will even get to eat before 9:00PM.

But the dog.....she ALWAYS gets fed at 5:30 every day. And believe me, if we are even 5 minutes past then, she's bugging us. I can't tell you how many times I've been up here working and she starts hitting the back of my chair at 5:30.

...when my wife is not home.

In all honesty we have a shared power scheme though I usually defer to her on big money issues since she's much more sensible when it comes to financial decisions.
My husband and I were once asked by a group of our friends as to who wore the trousers in our relationship. Without hesitation, I said, "He does!" and uncomfortable silence followed while our friends exchanged puzzled glances then someone hesitantly re-phrased the question, "Yes but...who tells the trousers what to do?" Big Grin
It's the 4 year old! And she's pretty much "my way or the high way!".

Otherwise: My Girlfriend is the organizer of things , and I'm the bank!

My wife and I both have the trait called "amiable" which means we both want to please each other. Basically, if we want to go out to eat, the conversation is like this:
Her-"Where do you want to go?"
Me- "I don't know, where do you want to go?"
Her- "Well, I think I chose last time, so your choice."
Me - "Well, we ate Chinese so figure it has to be something else this time, right?."
An hour later, the daughter whose hunger pangs are so bad by this point, finally decides.
In one of the Woody Allen films, his son in the picture asks him who's boss, he or mommy. Allen replies, "I'm the boss; you're mother is the decision-maker." Big Grin
tony danza is Big Grin :kungfu:


I want whatever you're having. Cool