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Full Version: Do you use Twitter?
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I was a radio research analyst in another life, and I keep reading that Twitter is the new way to reach music fans. I'm not so sure about that claim, so I was wondering how many Trick fans post on Twitter on a fairly regular basis, or use it to search for information on a particular subject, etc.

I know it won't be a statistically accurate poll, but if you read this and primarily lurk, would love your vote yes or no too.
i don't and never will. icon_thumleft.gif

"Thick man of Europe"

Neither do I...
Yes, I do use it...Never thought I would like it, but I do Smile
Though I think it a bit silly, I did open an account just to see what all the fuss was about. I've only ever posted anything myself a few times just to test it out but do follow several bands, sports teams and media outlets. It does provide some interesting news and info at times that can be insightful and entertaining. I couldn't imagine using it to post my daily exploits or to follow other ordinary users to be honest.
I opened an account when Twitter first started...never used it, but maybe once or twice. I find it very invasive and I don't really care to know what someone is doing every moment of their life....not even the guys in the band.... and I don't think they want to know what I'm doing either.
My thoughts on the whole 'social networking' thing for whatever it's worth: I do have a Facebook page under my stage name which is fun and good for my music promotion etc. Just recently created a new profile using my real name mainly to post vacation pictures for family and friends to take a look at (what the heck) Smile What is happening now is I am getting numerous requests from people I haven't associated with in years (or cared to for that matter) :Wink: clogging up my page with stuff about a lost cat and where they went out to eat last night Big Grin icon_puke_l.gif

Now I'm fairly open-minded about this (like fellow Trickster said I might actually like Twitter if I ever tried it) but I honestly think I just prefer a small circle of friends within my own little world without having to hear all the miscellaneous little details of everyone's lives.

That being said; if Twitter is good for Cheap Trick to get the word/news out to their fans then that's fine but personally I doubt I would use that medium to find out. Hope this makes sense; sorry for the long-winded reply but that's just my 2 cents on this topic.

Grace and peace to all,
Thanks everyone for your feedback. Looks like based on our sample less than 30% of the fans who read the boards are twitter users. Just did a search on twitter for "cheap trick" and though there are lots of people posting what recent Trick song they listened to, here are some posts you might enjoy reading.

it blew away all my was so good!!! I had so much fun and so did Cheap Trick!!! Amazing!

Astonished by cheap trick. Astonished.

OMG Cheap Trick was amazing!! What a fantastic show...if ur in Vegas go see it!!!!

Just saw Sgt Peppers album live w/ Cheap Trick & full orchestra.....Outrageous

thanks miley cyrus for introducing me to the band cheap trick. Cant believe I havent heard of them before. Where have I been all my life.


No twit for me; facebook is annoying enough and I rarely go there...inbetween all of the cell phone calls and texts...much ado about nothing. :O
I use Twitter. Mainly for news headlines and movie screening notices. I follow a few friends, but we don't use it to communicate.
I follow some celebrities like Simon Pegg and Roger Ebert and Cheap Trick.
no , and i still have no clue on how i would do it !! dontknow.gif dontknow.gif
Never even logged in to the website. New study shows that 71% of Twitter posts are never read by anyone they are intended for. Guess they can tell by some link. No matter, proves the hype is more than the reality.
yep i trawl twitter for links to cheap trick goodies an mob folks who post they been to the shows or are going to the shows an ask if they got any nice photos or vids i can share with you lot lol .. THATS HOW YA USE TWITTER lol Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
I have never used twitter or any of my friends. I do not know anything about it
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