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Full Version: Wake Up!! - What's your favourite way?
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How do you prefer to wake up? I take it nobody likes waking up to noisy neighbours revving their truck engines, or eager beavers using power tools to spruce up their gardens/homes.

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I usually wake up with Woody :devil:
Wake up from a pleasant dream to my sweetheart licking my face!
Now that's the way to begin a perfect day..... :Wink:


Pleasant dreams are a gift from God, IMHO.
But very toppermost favorite? Eagerly jumping out of bed to go do something fantastic that I had planned for the day. Smile
My birds are my alarm clock, and I must say, they are very punctual! Big Grin

"Thick man of Europe"

Wake up with an angel :love:

Like 1955Meg I like to literally jump out of bed to start doing what I had planned.
I honestly quite like getting up early anyway. Mornings are definitely my favourite hours within a day- unlike many of my colleagues and friends who are musicians like me-
while they´re asleep I would be talking a walk in the woods or chatting to the old lady in our neighbourhood. Smile Petty bourgeois ?!
Anyone seen the movie 'The Hangover'? :laugh: Seriously though I am the polar opposite of Meg and Thick Man; I have to have about 30 minutes of 'quiet time' (ideally w/o alarm but that's the exception unfortunately) either reading something 'inspirational' or meditation/relaxation to prepare me for the day. icon_sunny.gif

Not a morning person at all Sleepy but am probably most productive early with things that don't require a lot of mental effort (like this?) :Wink:

Have a blessed day everyone; cheers>
I like waking up like I did this morning... out of a sound sleep to IWYTWM playing on my radio alarm! (Waking up to music on the radio is great, but I found I only wake up for my fave bands... I can sleep through all the Pink Floyd they can play. :laugh: )


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