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Full Version: If You Knew SUZI QUATRO.. 60 Today! - ...Happy Days...
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1963_headbanger_playing_an_electric_guitar.gif There's a party going on down in devil gate drive. Suzi Quatro is sixty years young today (3rd June). The Seventies Queen of Rock still looking and sounding good today.

"Thick man of Europe"

Went with "If Can´t Give Me Love"- more pop though..

Suzi was one of the first girl Rock`n´Roll bass players..She´s a classic. Love her!
"It´s hard not to have an enormous amount of admiration for Suzi Quatro.(...) Even her bass is bigger, heavier and louder than she is." (M.Chapman)

Saw her live recently. Still sexy! Her autobiography book "Unzipped" was great to read, too.
And she will still look good in nine years
cant decide between ...
devil gatee drive
can the can
48 crash
daytona demon

love all those tracks of hers
Big Grin