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Full Version: I Drove All Night - And boy am I sore
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Which solo artist (see what I did there) has recorded this song to your greatest satisfaction? Which version do you prefer?
If anyone votes for Celine Dion they should automaticly be removed from the board,I am not joking!!!!!
Jason, I was thinking similar thoughts!!

"Thick man of Europe"

Cyndi Lauper- Roy Orbison´s version perhaps "satisfies" me equally well though. Hmm, maybe not really but he´s a legend, isn´t he? I always thought he wrote it- but he didn´t...
icon_thumleft.gif Cyndi Lauper hands down..
You need an option of None.
houseisrockin Wrote:You need an option of None.
Yeah, I vote "none" too. icon_batman.gif