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Full Version: Your preferred music lessons - from which band member?
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Me, personally, I wish I could take a course in "mega-memory" from Rick ... he's got a mind like a steel trap!
A chance at vocal training from the Man of a Thousand Voices? I'd take it in a heartbeat. :laugh:
I read a comment quoted by Robin saying that Rockford was rich with music teachers. I'm sure he could teach me a thing or two. Blush I mean, in the key of homina-homina-homina.....
Yes, I'm sure Robin could help me hit a high note....yeah....I'm sure of it...... :p :glare:
Guitar lessons from Rick, is a real Trick and treat! Big Grin
Song Composition from Rick would be very worth listening to!
cheapdate Wrote:I read a comment quoted by Robin saying that Rockford was rich with music teachers.

Maybe something in the water there? Rockford is very rich with talent...the amazing Emily Bear. I love her response when asked "where does the music come from"? Emily's response..."The heart."
Definitely guitar lessons from Rick--he is a great arranger and composer, so he has the whole picture in mind--the whole sound. Where are the guitarists on this list? There are several passages I'd like to talk about in that regard.
Definiately voice lessons from Robin. Smile
I cant carry a tune in a bucket not even Robin could help me there. So I chose drum lessons from Bun E. drummers have always amazed me.
Pick tossing 101 from Rick.
WOW, talk about a resurrected poll !
I'll stick with my reply from 2009 ! Tongue
I had to pick vocal lessons from Robin---To me, he is the BEST singer in the world Smile
I would want it all
I'd love bass guitar lessons from Tom. I have always wanted to play bass and lessons from him would be awesome, because he's an amazing bass player.
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