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Full Version: Budokan II
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"Budokan: The Complete Concert also redresses the historical inaccuracies and sonic limitations of Budokan II, a quickie sequel released without much ado in 1993." Complete Concert sleevenotes.
So, not the most popular album but I still give it a spin occasionally. True, three of the tracks were from the follow up tour in 79 but it wasn't that bad, was it?
Others: "Southern Girls," "How Are You?" & "Oh Caroline."
I'll always be a big fan of "ELO Kiddies" !
On Top of the World for me.

That was playing when I got in the car the other day...just the drums towards the end and before I could figure out which tune it was I thought to myself...'Bun is really jamming here'! Plus I've always loved that song.

Speak Now and ELO Kiddies also top my list, but to go with the Budokan II vs. studio version had to go with OTOTW.
southern girls...have always loved the song
I like Downed on there...or anywhere,good song. Big Grin
I was just looking up 'The Complete Concert'...I wanted to see the order of the songs on that version to compare the 'flow'. I did not realize that it did not have all the songs that owning Budokan and Budokan II gives you. The 3 tracks that were from the 79 tour weren't included, is that right? I am missing linear notes because Budokan II did not come with those, but I sure am glad to have OTOTW (Stiff Competition and How are You were the others)!
"Speak Now..." gets MY vote! That song kills me every time i listen to it!
I've always liked Downed. That line about wanting to live on an Australian mountain top, reminds me of the book Alexander and the Terrible Horrible no good very bad day.

I finally bought a copy of Budokan II, 23 years after it was released. I have a copy of The complete Concert and Budokan! But there was always a hole in my collection. It is now filled, and I have to admit, Budokan II is a fun album. I feel silly about copping an attitude about it back in '93.
I don't think Rick wrote it, but Speak Now is one of my all time faves. Robin makes it his own.