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Full Version: Your Favorite Pinball Machine(s) - Synchronize your flippers!
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What are (or were) some of your favorite pinball games? (If you can find either images or videos, let's see them too!)

Here's a couple of my favorites (And I was quite good at both of them! );

1979 Williams "Flash"

-And -

1990 Williams "Whirlwind"
We used to have the KISS pinball machine in our rec-room at work---loved it!

KISS pinball machine
I love pinball!

The machine that stands out for me was one from bar days, Cactus Jacks. Something about throwing fruit and dancing cacti. Had some taunting comments. Fun.

Not the same as a real machine, but had Dragon Fury on SEGA way back when and about 5 yrs ago found a $1 PC game that is set up like roller coasters in an amusement park. Noted my hotel in Milwaukee had a machine, but never did make it down to play.

edit: after noting you both had youtube links, checked it out there.. I had forgotten the wee bit annoying "Hee Haw" everytime you hit the ramp :Oo:
Here's one for you to check out; When you hear of a Star Trek machine, you'd assume it would feature either the original, or the Next Generation characters...right?

HAAAAA! :upside:

1971 Gottlieb "Star Trek"

*Apparently, Gottlieb was clever enough to use the time frame between cancellation of the original-run series and the beginning of the animated one...therefore escaping any possible copyright infringement issues.

However, they used the same backglass artwork (with a few variations) for a machine that came out just 6 months later;

1971 Gottlieb "Astro"
I am partial to Pinbot. We had one in the basement for years.

Spent many a quarter on this game.
Space Shuttle 1984 Williams
Tales of Arabian Nights

Twilight Zone


Another one of my favorite machines (....and another one, I kicked butt on);

1981 Stern "Freefall"
.....And yet, another ;

1980 Stern "Cheetah"
The backglasses and the playfields were the perfect canvasses for some really spectacular artwork.

Suffice to say, I was also very fascinated by the artistic creations on the machines as well as the games themselves.
Williams "Taxi"
Paying homage to the FAB-4?

1967 Williams "Beat Time"
Great topic- great memories!

A couple that come to mind:

Williams Triple-Action

Bally Wizard!

Capt. Fantastic
Playboy" for me too and "The Black Knight"..." will you challenge the black knight again?"
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