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Full Version: Cheap Trick Fans - Do we have a name?
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Just curious; I know Grateful Dead fans are Deadheads etc but is there a name for us Cheap Trick aficianados? If not, maybe we could start a poll to choose the best term (Dream Police or something catchy like that)? Hopefully not a dumb request ???

Blessings to all,
This kind of reminds me of something me and one of my friends in high school did. We were/are huge Cheap Trick fans and when we would leave messages on each others voicemails, it would start with "Hey man, it's The Doctor", or "Hey man, it's the high priest of rhythmic noise..." but once it was "Hey dude, it's the daddy that should have stayed in high school... wait..."

I know, we were ####ing lame.
Probably the kindest epithet I've heard for us is Trickheads. Big Grin
Tricksterfarians. 1963_headbanger_playing_an_electric_guitar.gif
Trikkies. :alien:
Lucky! LoL

Tricksters is what I go with.
"The enlightened ones"
The girls are Trickbabes.
Voices909 Wrote:The girls are Trickbabes.
I thought female CT fans were classified as (depending on which one is your fave):

Bun E Honeys
Voices909 Wrote:The girls are Trickbabes.
Trickbabes and their Trickdudes?
I'd go with "Tricksters" too. icon_thumleft.gif
OCD :p
Us men fans are Big Tricks
CheapTrxtr Wrote:I'd go with "Tricksters" too. icon_thumleft.gif
Me too! icon_thumleft.gif
I wonder how the band refers to their fans?
"Bread and Butter?" "The Checkerboard Army?"

Edit: From the stage, Rick usually remarks that we're a
"Good-looking crowd." I'll go with that.
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