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How many folks on here used to post there?
I used to post/read the newsgroup starting around 1995.
talltrickster Wrote:I used to post/read the newsgroup starting around 1995.
what name did you us? I was Rt3413
Same name as here.
is bonemachine on here??
Quote:what name did you us? I was Rt3413
I was same as here, Talltrickster, but didn't post too often.
I read it occasionally starting in 1997 when I discovered newsgroups, but didn't post. (I was active at but only read AMCT.)
Hey, I remember that place - used to post there Smile
kevintonight Wrote:is bonemachine on here??
That does sound familiar.
Yep, I was on there for a long time...
Yes, I was an avid reader and occasional poster on AMCT starting around '96 when I discovered the site.

I think I've seen Bone Machine post here in the past, though not recently, at least not under that moniker.
We didn't have electricity in Wales untill 2002. Big Grin
...and they've still got a few years to go before indoor plumbing. :laugh:
still the sme name and poster

hey is C9 still around? I see quite a few on facebook the amct crowd.

there a few goatsby imposters around but the worst one is
the dipstick posts tour reviews of Tool under the Goatsby name, someone thought it was me, but no I would never listen to a ####tyarse #### #### of band like Tool EVER!

possible cause for a defamination suit.
Yeah Rob, I really thought that goatsby was you out on a bender but with cleaner language!
C9 is around, according to C10 as of Feb this year.
I was on there way back when as, um, Nese.

Don't recall seeing BoneMachine or C10 posting on here, they are lurkers!

I also miss Charli's site and chat as well as our ICQ chat nights. What ever became of Elaine AKA "terran"?
What fun that was, right Steve, heeza?
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