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Full Version: Vegas show questions please for anyone who went
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Is there a dress code? What time did the band go on and about how long did they play? I'm trying to meet a friend for one of the shows and it all depends on what time CT goes on and if we need to change from our work clothes! Thanks!
No dress code; people were dressed in everything from shorts and T-shirts to suits and evening gowns. (It's Vegas, there were lots of sparkly outfits!)

The show time is 8:00PM; doors open at 7:00. They started last night around 8:15 or so.

Allie and I are leaving right now for show #2!!
That's funny! I can just see myself in my CT tee shirt. Maybe I should revise that plan, although I don't own anything sparkly. Should I get a neon boa? :p
Thanks so much Deb ! I'm trying hard not to read anything else...I don't wanna know the set list surprises or anything. It's hard, cuz I wanna peek and read something!!
I was wondering about the dress code myself. The Hollywood Bowl Sgt. Pepper shirt it is!