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Full Version: NEW DATE ADDED: 11/18 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - only 130 km's to see CT headline!
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Didn't see this get announced and i haven't seen the tix go on sale yet, but looking forward to this show, and maybe even buying the new cd, which has yet to hit canada...
O yeah! Milw to Toronto s not that bad, Plus I am not traveling that week!! :p

Please keep us posted!
Tickets go on Sale the 13th, but only if you a "pass" and if you are there in person. Gen. Tickets on Sale the 16th. You can go to their website.
it isnt exactly in Toronto. it is 2 hrs north of toronto in orillia.
a long dark drive from here in winter.
Ok, thanks for verifying that!!! I had not seen that. Thought it was right there. Will have to pass- plane ticks were expensive, so would have to drive, making it a quite a long haul now :down:
Unless more Milwaukee/CHI people wanna make it a road trip together???
tears streaming down my cheeks..........have 2 weeks on an island planned at this time.
The date has been cancelled at Casino Rama, hopefully it will be rescheduled... Sad
Shows will be rescheduled at a later date.