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Full Version: Mt. View- some pics - Shoreline Ampitheater
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Here are some pics from last night- the marquee some merch this must be the right place after a cool intro- the show has begun... Vivian Campbell watched the CT set from the upper ramp viewing area fight next to us- no Shoreline event would be without at least one nearby fight... I told her once, I told her twice- leave Robin alone!!! sorry for a blurry pic- they were adamant about no flash.... fashion report scored a few picks... and lucky to get some Latest swag signed too...!

another AWESOME show- the crowd loved them- the Trick invades the SF Bay Area yet again!!!

on to Sacramento!!
Top bloody pic's Bret!! Thanks for sharing.

Looks like it was another good one and how lucky were you!! Picks, DL stage pass and autographs from CT ... way to go icon_thumleft.gif

Hope to see some more pic's from Sacramento!!!! Bring it on!!
Bret, you did it once again! Thank you! Great pics and always enjoy your commentary. The fashion report was my favorite. Big Grin Can't wait for your review of Sacramento! rockon.png.gif
Bret, thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures. It was especially kind of you to include the fashion report. At last! A bloke who understands just how important it is to us girlies! Big Grin
Very nice pictures Bret6262. Thanks for sharing! Smile

In the merch picture, I like the shirt with the 8-track on it! Smile
Those pics are awesome. So good that I'm tempted to grab one as a screensaver for my computer Big Grin
Bret, great work, friend. Your stuff from Dixon was also outstanding!! Very good work, very good!!

But, I'm curious - how do you snaek such a high quality camera into shows without getting stopped? Do you have a press pass or something?
Bret6262 Wrote:Here are some pics from last night-
Love the pictures, especially that one! Great shots!
Now thats always fun right before bedtime! icon_compress.gif icon_compress.gif

"Thick man of Europe"

Woooohooo icon_cheers.gif .

Now tell me tho, is this guy REALLY sure that Robin is the lead singer of Cheap Trick?????? :p
Thick man of Europe" Wrote:I just found this:


..and a few backstage scenes:
Nice finds...had fun watching all of thoes
Thick man of Europe" Wrote:I just found this:


..and a few backstage scenes:
Ooooh!! Thank you so very much Thickman for finding these little goodies!! Especially the backstage footage of ... *Robin*.... *sigh*!! :love:

... and how good to hear some of 'Miss Tomorrow' .... so sweet Smile
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