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Full Version: Nashville Question? - Is Cheap Trick coming back?
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My girlfriend and I live in Knoxville TN and drove 3 hours to Nashville the night before the cancelled show for a mini vacation! We only came to see Cheap Trick and were really bummed when it was postponed! Should I hang on to the tickets or get a refund since we don't want to drive 3 hours back to see Def Leppard or Poison - anybody know or have a similar problem? Thanks!!
They haven't announced anything at all yet. I was told to hang on to the ticket and they would let us know what the situation is when it gets figured out. I really hope Cheap Trick is still on the bill when it gets rescheduled, but that would mean they would have to do it after they're done with the Sgt. Pepper shows, which would be fine with me. I'll post something here when I find out anything at all.