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Full Version: Shoreline ...Extra Ticket? - Looking for 1 or 2
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Decided I would take a break from work go see CT and then leave ...

I need a ticket now.

Not into Poison ...

Wish it was Def /Cheap only ...

let me know if there is an extra ticket out there.

hi, i may have one extra 5 star pkg. ticket. i won't know until monday. my teacher friend has back to school night and most likely wont go, but we'll see.the 5 star ticket is within the first 10 rows and the "so called" backstage stuff with gift. pm me if interested. icon_thumleft.gif
looks like bootlegged got himself a free 5 star ticket....ready to rock !! rockon.png.gif
Awesome! have fun......remember detail,details!!
nipsytrend ... That was ƒuckin' awesome! Thanks man! Awesome!

ƒuckin' Awesome ...

Cheap Trick rules ...

& Nipsytrend proves once again, CT fans are the best fans in the world!
that was one of the best ct shows! you said it right- fu!cking awesome, simply awesome. great time bootleged, your a cool dude. of course 4th row dead center didn't hurt. see ya at the next one Big Grin