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Full Version: Alice Cooper - new album
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Alice is currently working on his new album.

If it's half as good as Dirty Diamonds I will be a happy happy boy.

Last Summer my album of choice was Rockford and this summer it'll be Alice's new album and Poison's new album full of covers (still mad about the "all covers" thing, damn Def Lep for doing theirs, they havent made a truly great album since "High n Dry").
Alices new album will be great.. i seen him in boston last october and he is still awesome live..
i would rather him do his metal side (Brutal Planet Dragontown) but its all great..
Poison- Hmmm..Im a fan, but after Hollyweird, i dont have alot of hope.. kick ass live show though..
SixxGunner Wrote:i would rather him do his metal side (Brutal Planet Dragontown) but its all great..
I'm partial to the "eyes of" and "diamonds", rather than Dragontown and Brutal Planet, but I havent heard much from those 2
I can't wait for this to come out. I'm a new Alice Cooper fan as of his Dirty Diamonds tour....because of Cheap Trick. They were opening and that's what got me to go. And I LOVED Alice. I'm now a huge fan. And because of Alice, I've heard a lot more of Cheap Trick and gotten more interested. Great all around! SO glad I got to see them perform together.

Pretty much anything Alice puts out will probably be great. I own half his studio releases now, and have heard all but Pretties For You, and can't find one I don't like.

Auf_Wiedersehen, you really ought to heard Brutal Planet and Dragontown, they're GREAT.
I ADORE Eyes and DD... they've what I've been listening to for the past God knows how many months. :laugh: Haven't had a chance to hear much from BP and Dragontown, but I know I prefer garage rock (with Damon Johnson... sigh... :love: :laugh: ) to more metal stuff.

Just found this out today, the title of the new album will be Along Came A Spider (which was the working title for the Last Temptation 13 odd years ago).


vid of Coop at the LA Confidential pre-Oscar party
I can't wait! 'Cuz of course, it's going to be awesome! Smile
^ Heck yes! I'm a bit disappointed that he's not going to do another garage rock album but is going back to theatrics... I'm weird, yes (I just love the garage rock!). :laugh:
I can't wait for Alice's new cd!! Also can't wait for the tour dates to be announced!! Cool

Voices, quit lusting over Damon!!! I saw him first!! :laugh:
Don't forget me! I <3 Damon too! LOL.
Okay, Jennifer you quit lusting after him too!! :laugh:
Maureen999 Wrote:Voices, quit lusting over Damon!!! I saw him first!! :laugh:
P_Stranger Wrote:Don't forget me! I <3 Damon too! LOL.

Can't we all share? :laugh:

Group 'awwwww,' everyone

'Awwwwwww' x2

Yay for Damon butt! :laugh:
Hahaha! Nice one, Kate. The link title "Yay for Damon butt!" totally made me laugh out loud.

And I tell ya, cute either way. But I SO hope he keeps the long hair. And does he still have the beard? Really not so fond of that, to be honest.
Yanno me, I looooooooove the long hair (hair flipping!)... BUT, I haven't seen any current pix lately so I'm not sure on the facial hair situation. I did see some really bad quality beard pix (so bad that they made it look like his beard was growing in patchy :laugh: ). I guesssss I can live with the beard. As long as he doesn't take it on tour. :laugh:

Oh yeah... Damon butt totally rules! :laugh: Yay for semi-Damon butt! (<--- Maureen should recognize that pic)
"It's a rock album all the way through.... but I'm starting to find a story line in it that has to do with a serial killer in it.... this one is definitely about a serial killer." paraphrased quote from NWAC, 8.20pm, 9 March 2007

Oooooh, intriguing! :laugh: Coop was just talking about how he wrote the album and was taking a relisten to it and then realizing how he accidentally/subconciously wrote it about a serial killer!
Heh, did you hear him earlier? After he played AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"? He goes "and..if you thought the lyrics were "Dirty Deeds, done with sheep" Hahahahaha!
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