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Full Version: Max Webster - new career spanning box set
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Not sure how many Max Webster fans are here. I know they toured with CT in the 70's and I believe Bun E described them as the Canadian Cheap Trick.

A new box set has been released with all their albums and live and rarities discs. A good deal too C$60!*/*/The-Part...MA90000000
more like Canadian Frank Zappa.
A very eclectic band. I'd say quite a few tracks have a CT vibe, 'Check', 'High class in borrowed shoes', 'Hangover', but maybe Bun was talking about their attitude (or dress sense...)

Haven't read the Max Webster book yet but the author made the Bun E comment here

"Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick says they're the Canadian Cheap Trick, and that's somewhat accurate. I often say they're like a cross between Blue Oyster Cult and Captain Beefheart."