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Full Version: Band Merch issues
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I've certainly seen the complaints about Pledge Music, but how have people's experience with Band Merch (aka CT store on this site) been? I hate to think that the companies in charge of helping us get our Cheap Trick merchandise are incapable of providing good customer service. 

I recently made a purchase through Band Merch via this site's Official Cheap Trick Store. Order came in a timely fashion. The product is decent, but I found I needed to make an exchange for different sizes (despite provided sizing charts, see below).
I read the info provided on this site regarding their exchange policy. Supposedly, they do exchange merch for same product if different size is needed. 

I received my order on Friday Aug 4th. I started contacting them Monday August 7th to inquire about how to start the exchange process (no packing slip or info came with order).

I contacted them using the info on this site:
I emailed them at
I emailed them using the automated email form on this site. Last time I tried that form, it "could not authenticate me"  whatever that means. I may have had that issue when I first tried it also, but don't remember. 
I emailed after noting this additional contact (similar, but no "1") on the FAQ page.
I called 818-736-4897 listed for customer service on this site and left message with my contact info. 
I contacted them by replying to confirmation email that states if I had any questions about my order to "reply to this email or contact us at". 
Repeated above process a few times.
Have yet to receive any replies.

I googled Band Merch and found their home page with different contact info.
I submitted automated emails form via their site. 
I emailed them at listed on their home page.
I called 818-736-4800, listed on their home page and left messages with my contact info.
Again, repeating all the above multiple times.

Despite my efforts, it is now Aug 31, and I have yet to get a reply to any of my inquiries. 

I see in the exchange policy that they exchange within 30 days of receiving order. Let me guess, IF I hear from them at all, it will be on day 31. 

Anyone else with issues? I saw one thread from awhile ago, looks like it eventually got resolved. It just shouldn't be so difficult and frustrating. 

If after reading this, anyone is brave enough to want to order from this company, FYI: despite provided sizing charts, the womens shirts are not womens/misses sizing but fit like junior sizing. And they run small even for junior sizes, since one shirt was for my "junior sized" daughter, and she, too, needs a larger size. The sweatshirt fit as expected for listed mens sizing.
Any luck with this Andi?
Thanks for asking, but no, no luck at all. Pretty lame.
I did however receive multiple emails about the Labor Day sale. Hmm, no thanks.
(09-08-2017, 02:28 PM)Andrea Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for asking, but no, no luck at all. Pretty lame.
I did however receive multiple emails about the Labor Day sale. Hmm, no thanks.

Mmmm not good.   Confused