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Full Version: Fanatical fan banned by band
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'She knows what she did': Bay City Rollers REFUSE to back down on banning fan after she followed the band to 4,000 concerts around globe

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Really. Did Bay City Rollers play 4,000 gigs.

do you think there are any equally obsessive Cheap Trick fans?
Funny.   Big Grin
Judging by that story, I don't see what the band's issue is with the woman. Maybe if they'd been more forthcoming in their statement.
Geese, their music was not that good. You have to know your life sucks when you are a BCR groupie.
I would think that now they would welcome any fan they could get.
She's obviously crossed some line too far for one of the band and they don't want to go as far as say exactly what she's done. Could be they are exactly right to do what they are doing, though.
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