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Full Version: Don Kirshner's rock concert...
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Some of the best quality footage from way back.... When Rick jumped around and Robin could sing anything effortlessly...
That's the year I first saw them and was blown away had never seen anyone like them in the midst of punk and new wave. Forgot how much robin looked like David Cassidy and how much Tom moved around! Buns massive sticks stuck with me. Could also hear robin's guitar in the mix Too!!!!
That was how I discovered them.
It was when they repeated the show.
By that time Heaven Tonight just came out & I went & bought that. I thought that was the stuff they played so a bit bummed, but after hearing Surrender & On Top Of The World, I was hooked.

A mix of metal, punk & pop ... PERFECTION!
everything about the DKRC performance is spectacular----WOW what a band!! seeing them in rock magazines back then, I was sure that they couldn't be any good, the singer was too pretty and the guitarist had to be a zero, the drummer too. when I heard IN COLOR, I realized that I couldn't have been more wrong----seeing them on DKRC solidified my lifelong interest in this band....