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Full Version: Top 10 Vocal Harmonies video ... what are Cheap Trick's ?
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No Cheap Trick. 
But thought it might be interesting to hear what people thought were Cheap Trick's best vocal harmonies

a few of my faves are TAXMAN, MR THIEF ... Mandocello ... O Candy, Hi Roller, Surrender (iconic), Voices, Time Is Runnin', I Don't Love Here Anymore, Hard to Tell, If It Takes a Lifetime, Dream the Night Away
Great Topic!

I would say that my list definitely crosses with some of your favorite choices.
I Don't Love Here Anymore
Hard to Tell
Dream the Night Away

Here are 10 other picks that I'm pretty fond of CT's vocal harmonies:
Closer - Burt & Linda
Say Goodbye
My Obsession
Dream Police
Way of the World
No Direction Home
Didn't Know I Had It
Tonight It's You
Miss Tomorrow

Honorable mention would go to:
Words (voice & guitar together on the bridge)
You're All I Wanna Do (during the bridge & refrain)
Love's Got a Hold on Me (in a grungy way)

From the new record - I would say The Rest of My Life and If You Still Want My Love have pretty catchy vocal harmonies too