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Full Version: Like A Fly
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Like A Fly is on this week's Spotify Release Radar
I love that song.
Ya, me too
Anyone deciphered the backwards message?
Nice. One of the better tracks off the new album.
Definitely the catchiest tune.
Yeah, I like the song. It is catchy, psychological, funny and interesting.
It moves along like a freight train... Anyone catch what he whispers in the beginning?
So far, my favorite song on the album. Robin seems to have put a lot of emotion into his singing. The song kinda reminds me of aFoo Fighters song, at least in structure. Conspiracy alert: could this be about their non-touring drummer?
(06-24-2017, 08:07 AM)dextershrill Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone deciphered the backwards message?

"I buried Bun".  Cool
Love it. I've seen reviews,that liken it to a Who song. I guess they mean Baba O'Riley.

I hear an AC/DC thing.
Sounds to me like cheap trick!
I hear a lot of "The Real Me" in the chorus.
Also, that off-beat snare on the last "Like a fly on the wall"- wonder if they left that in on purpose.
A lot of people are hearing things.
Great track - sort of the bastard-son of Baba O'Reilly and CT's own On Top Of The World.
The 3 "deluxe" tracks really are top-notch!
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