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Full Version: Initial Thoughts- One Favorite From WAA
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So, in my way-too-early-to-let-it-all-sink-in choice for favorite track on the new release, I'd have to go with...

"Shes Alright".
What a fun tune, and love the guitar accents. 
Tom Petty would be proud!

And that part right after the first chorus (1:34 in)... OMG.

How about you?
Blackberry Way!
She's Alright is my least favorite song! LOL! That's probably because I really don't care for Tom Petty at all.

My favorite as of today is a tie between Rest of My Life & Like a Fly.

Just proves how subjective musical taste is and that there's something for everybody on this record.
Like a Fly is epic
'Rest of my Life'
Tom's 12 string bass on "If You Still Want My Love" is OUTSTANDING!!! Love the force and growl where he fills in the gaps. And towards the end, the riffing up and down the fretboard, WOW!!