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Full Version: Chris Cornell RIP
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Wow I'm speechless. What. The. Fuçk?  Angry
I know, right? Dude had a big voice.
One of the great modern voices of Rock no matter what genre you listen too.

Heartbreaking for his family, his friends and his fans.

Thoughts and prayers sent to all of those who are mourning the loss of Chris Cornell.

Reports say suicide?
Very Sad.

I thought Rick would have maybe expressed condolences or mentioned it on his facebook or twitter page. I remember seeing a snippet on PBS when I lived in Chicago right after they played Lollapalooza together, Rick mentioned that Chris put together CT's setlist. Rick said, "he's a good kid." I was at that show.
Still trying to make sense of Chris's death. It hit me harder than Layne's, which was such a tragic end to the best Seattle front man IMO, but had no chance with his addiction. I really thought Chris was in it for the long hall. Long live Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog's music! As well as AIC.