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Full Version: Me playing "Surrender" with local band on holiday in Japan!
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This was such fun!!

On holiday in Tokyo recently and had read about this awesome Rock n Roll bar called Bauhaus, which is right near Roppongi Station in Tokyo where the band apparently lets you sit in with them, and as it turns out, the band are actually the bar staff as well. A totally unique experience, and they are the most friendly people you would ever meet - I went two nights, and on the second night the owner walks up to me and says "HEY CHRRIIIISSSS - Hows it going"!!!

Anyway, I had to jam Cheap Trick with them when it came to my turn. Here's a short snippet of video! If anyone goes to Tokyo anytime, this bar is highly recommended!


Edit: Not sure why the video won't show up with Forum code, but here's the link anyway: