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Full Version: My Vinyl Record Shop Experience
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I stopped off at a friend's vinyl record shop for the first time today. You can check out my thoughts on the store HERE!
I enjoyed reading the article. I just found out that my old boss is opening his own recorded store this month. He has worked in the wholesale and retail end of the business his whole life, and this has always been his dream. I'm looking forward to the opening to see what I can find.
Thanks for reading the article and the feedback!
I was able to visit my friend's new shop the other day. We spent so much time chatting, I wasn't able to look everywhere, but did come up with a few great finds. I got ChangesOneBowie, Duane Allman Anthology Vol II, and The Beach Boys In Concert. I also loaned him a vintage  CT  t shirt from the final concert at. buffalo's Century Theatre for his  display  of  Buffalo  music  history.

Nice post. Always good to be able to chat music with likeminded people while searching for the treasures you didn't know you needed!