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Full Version: Trick song currently on loop on your playlist
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If you are like me, you most likely go through a faze where you just want to hear one of the songs over & over & ............... over

Recent ones for me include:
Bloop Red Lips
All Strung Out
You Want It
This Time You Got It

Now ...
What's Her Name by Robin Zander

These Days
Weirdly, I've been listening a lot to "Smile". An extremely sappy song, but it becomes almost 60's pop in an unaffected way at "When you call out my name, well you know how it feels. Well, it seems like a dream and I just can't believe it's real" One of the nicest change ups since the bridge from "Words".
I just received the Japanese import of BZCH and am really digging 'I'd Give It Up'. However, I wonder why they felt the need to use parts of some of the verses from 'Baby Talk'. That said, I think the song should've been on the American release. I like 'Arabesque', too, but it is a little too repetitive.
"Hard to Tell" - I call this song an "Instant Mood Enhancer" - like a lot of CT songs, this is one that is guaranteed to put me in a better mood when I'm really down about something.

"Need Your Love" - in particular, the 2010 live versions on You Tube with Daxx (on the CT Vevo channel). Those versions just BURN...Rick positively kills on the solos. Always great for working out/lifting weights.

"Look Out" - another Instant Mood Enhancer"

"The Sun Never Sets" - see above! This song NEVER fails to raise the adrenaline

"No Direction Home" - still not tired of this song. Should have been the single. This should be in the setlist EVERY night, for years to come!
What's Her Name by Robin Zander (again - see first post)