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Full Version: American Pickers on TV History Channel in UK
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Don't know if you've already seen it but I haven't - On the History Channel - program called American Pickers - episode is called " Cheap Picks " -  its on at 5am tomorrow morning - this is one of a few repeats.

I apologise in advance if its already been on TV before and you've already seen it - but i've been waiting for this to come on TV in the UK.

Its took me this long to post as I had to get my password changed as I haven't posted on here for a few years - I check daily for new UK tour dates though !!!

I hope this is useful for someone out there !!
I love the new album - I'm thrilled that they keep bringing out wonderful songs !!

Thanks again
Lisa xx Smile
I check daily for UK dates too.   Big Grin
UK dates?

I wish....