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Full Version: Los Angeles AUD Performance
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Direct TV is scheduled to air this on the AUD channel on 5/27 from 9pm - 1030 PM EST. Check your local listings for your AUD channel, Enjoy!
Fred gettin jiggy widdit
Check out @Spyke9lives's Tweet:
(05-26-2016, 09:19 PM)FredZeppelin Wrote: [ -> ]Fred gettin jiggy widdit
Check out @Spyke9lives's Tweet:

When was this recorded?  Where in LA?   How the hell did I miss hearing of this LA show!   Sad
April 18th in a Hollywood soundstage on Cahuenga. I think they sent out a tweet looking for studio audience volunteers. it was the hottest day of 2016, there was no place to pee, and I was dying of thirst. And this douche standing in front on Rick's side hogged all the picks. Oh, but they gave us free earbuds afterwards. RZ's TV eyeliner looked funny in person, and it was still obvious on the telly.
How about a link for those of us who do not have AUD?
(05-29-2016, 01:56 PM)radiolover Wrote: [ -> ]How about a link for those of us who do not have AUD?

if you have DirecTV or U-verse, you have it. Otherwise, I suppose you can sign up for a free trial of U-verse.
Was I the only one who was let down by this performance? The band didn't sound that great at all.
I dvrd it, watched it and was cringing quite a bit. Tempos were too slow and they sounded off.
Do they play in a lower key these days?