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Full Version: Fav CT rare, b-side, extra, soundtrack songs
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Listening now to All I Really Want
Always loved You Talk Too Much, You Want It, Don't Make Our Love A Crime & Spring Break
If I had to pick just one it would be 'Reach Out'.
"Through The Night", "Everything Works", "I Will Survive" and "Stop That Thief" are all good.
There are a lot of those songs that I like and think would be great to rerecord and put on an album.
Among them are:

Long way from Memphis
If only my girl
We'll still be hanging on
Dance to the drummer
Turn your head around
Get Ready
Don't ever let me go
A taste of your love
I need love
I hear you knockin
All I really want
Through the night
Through the Night is a great one!


I think they should record a proper version of Bite it.
Oh Boy w/vocals.
Need a Little Girl (Just Like You).
Pain, Pain.
I Need Love.
Fan Club.
I Dig Go-go Girls.
Oh Caroline (the slow version, from the Albini produced 'In Color').
Big Bang. I know the song is kind of hokey but it has an awesome chorus- 'I'm stuck in the middle on my own, never felt so all alone...'
I like We'll Still Be Hangin' On, which I believe was actually meant for both Journey's Raised On Radio album and Lap Of Luxury...
(02-23-2016, 10:19 PM)clp Wrote: [ -> ]If I had to pick just one it would be 'Reach Out'.

Original: All I really Want
Cover: Cold Turkey
(02-24-2016, 08:04 PM)The Aging Mr Martin Wrote: [ -> ]Original: All I really Want
Cover: Cold Turkey

Cold turkey is a great one!
I saw them do it live at The Ritz in NYC on the One On One tour with Steven Tyler!
Mondo Ragga
most of their covers i dislike. they do ok on them but i'm just not moved by them. i did like the Sgt Pepper thingy. but i've not listened to it since i bought it.

so... ain't that a shame...? no pun intended. Wink
I forgot to mention "Don't Blame It On Love." I think it is a great song and wish it would make it on an album.
Hot Tomato. One of my favorite all time CT tunes. (and Robin didn't even sing it, Xeno did) Would LOVE to hear Robin do it. I actually enjoy the "raw" sound of demo songs, and the scream of the guitar is the best part of Hot Tomato...
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