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Full Version: New merch at the December 2015 shows
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Just a heads-up... I'm just back in Chicago from the Solana Beach and Riverside CA shows. As well as the classic black 6x logo shirt (with the end of year 2015 tour dates on), there is some new merch on sale at the current run of California shows. There is the black sweatshirt with very nice "I Want You For Christmas" wording plus logo, snowflakes and snowman graphics! Also a nice 6x logo pin, and a big black Christmas bauble with 6x logo in white. 

(They persecute me right here in...) 
I picked up all that stuff except the logo pin in Riverside. We now have a pair of Cheap Trick balls hanging from our tree, and I'll be wearing the IWYFC sweatshirt as my (not so) ugly Christmas sweater. The tour shirt and other whatnots will be coming in the mail as part of the M&G package.